Interview Swap with Nabila!!!

What's up Targets?

Today I am here with Nabila from Hot Town Cool Girl, (Not literally)
Doing a interview swap, Click on the link at the bottom of this posts to read my answers to her questions.

Lets get started

What is your blog name and what does it mean to you?
My blog name is Hot Town Cool Girl. I am a blogger. It is basically part of my identity. My blog gives me that. Name wise it means that I am a cool girl in a hot town. Haha. It's pretty literal.
Well no matter how literal it is it is still a pretty cool name for a cool girl! ;)

What is a goal you have for your blog?
To get 100 followers and then do a giveaway

When was the last time you felt angry and why?
Actually, it was a few moments ago when my 'mom' (Whispers - Mum) came in and told me to redo my chores - So annoying.
Ooh, It is annoying when that happens.

Books or Movies?
Can I say both??? i love books so much. Like I am a hard-core bookworm. But I also love movies.

If you could have3 wishes what would they be?
Gender equality, World Peace, 
Those are really good wishes, I like the last one.

Who is your favourite band/artist right now?
At the moment I have no idea. For the longest time it was Taylor Swift but now I am really liking Troye Sivan and Harry Styles.
 I liked Swift for a while as well, Then I discovered TOP.

What quality do you look for in friends?
Loyalty, Funniness,Relatabilityy and a person who is easy to talk to or comes up with things to do. (As I am really bad at that!)

Do you plan blog posts or do you just let it all out?
 Well, I have lists on my ohone and in my room where i put post ideas. So usually I look at those and decide what I am going to write today.
You sound a lot more organised then me...

What do you love most about yourself?
I have no idea. Maybe my ability to always look on the bright side of everything?

Why do you blog?
So that I can help, inspire and share my ideas with the world!

Thank you so much Nabila for joining me today on my blog!



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