Life Update + A surprise

What's Up Targets?

It feels like so long since I have shared anything about my life, I have been busy doing loads of other different posts. When I gave TargetGirl a new look I decided to keep my life on here to a minimum since it never turned out the way I wanted but still do the occasional life update. 
So here we are.

Lately, i have been listening to a lot of Twenty One Pilots, I've just been feeling quite depressed and their music really helps with that. Sometimes you just feel like everything is crushing you, No one understands. When listening to them I feel like they do understand, Every song has a message. People think of twenty-one pilots as a rock, screamo, depressing* band but all their songs are actually quite deep. I used to listen to pointless songs that ever have any meaning, Like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, I mean I have nothing against them but they don't really relate to me at all. This probably doesn't make sense but I'm just getting it out there.
*okay maybe they are a little depressing

Leave a comment below if you have a fidget spinner or cube - Right now, Skip to the bottom of this post and comment 'I HAVE A FIDGET SPINNER or I HAVE A FIDGET CUBE at the end of your comment. 

Now if you have commented you may continue reading, if not then GO DO IT unless you don't have one. 

Everyone is like so obsessed with these things, Somehow fidget spinners are more popular than the cube yet your not actually fidgeting.
I suppose I can't judge if people like hitting a sorta circular triangle thing and watching it spin or pressing random stuff on a tiny cube but okay.

Who did the 40-hour famine this weekend? I did it with my BFFE and it was a lot of fun. Later we were joined by our friend who was doing it by herself at home so we invited her to come stay in our tent with us. If you haven't guessed we were doing the backpack challenge by the way!

Now, everyone, I have a little project up my sleeve, In 5 days I will be launching my new blog 'A little Inkling' I will publishing under my real name (Probably) but still like now going faceless. A little Inkling will be a mainly a book blog but it will still be doing similar posts to what I do on TargetGirl like tags, life updates, photography, poetry collabs etc, I will still be keeping TG up but will no longer be publishing under TargetGirl. 
Just so you all know, I will not be publishing things about people in my real life for the same reasons I do in this blog. 
I hope I will see you all on A little Inkling!

Which also leads me to my next item, I will be posting every day until Inkling goes up.

x TargetGirl
5 days to go

PS - I am looking for someone to do my blog design as well if you know anyone or can do it yourself then email me or tell me in the comments below!!!


  1. Excited for your new blog. :) Also yes everyone is obsessed with fidget spinners! I like half think they are cool and half think they are kind of stupid. I can't really decide. Haha. Cool post.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Thaks Nabila, Same sorta cool sorta stupid! I have yet to decide....

  2. I can do your design if you like!

    1. Have you coded your own designs Anael? I would love to see them, email them to me!

  3. Hi Target Girl! I just saw your blog and I followed it, I'm also going to follow a Little Inkling when that comes up. Maybe you could go see my blog? It's called The Dani Jones Blog. I think we could be pretty great blog friends!
    -Dani Jones

    1. Hi Dani,
      Thanks for the follow, I will definitely follow you, With TargetGirl and A little inkling. I would love to be blogger-friends!

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