What's up Targets?

At the moment I am actually in the middle of a power cut. Yay. (You are probably wondering how I am writing this if we have a power cut therefore having no internet, Well I was going to post last night but I forgot and the tab was still open)

Anyways, Today I am writing about this challenge/tag/I dunno whatta call it thing created by Lexie from What Lexie Loves called #7daysof- What ever the initialsof your name are eg. #7daysofTG or #7daysofWLL.

#7daysof is a challenge/tag/i dunno whatta call it thing where the blogger posts every day of the week starting May 8th 2017. If you decide to join in with this project then you have a less than a week to prepare.
Lexie is ending her week with a new blog design but since I just did mine up last month I will be end mine with something else and will tell you on Day 1.

If you do decide to do it please promote it a bit so we can have lots of bloggers joining #7daysof 

Just for fun I'm going to say the time that I finished this and then will post the time of when the power comes back on and I post it.
11.10 AM, 3/5/2017
3.29 PM, 3/5/2017   
Until we write again,


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