Who am I?

What's up Targets?

Today I am doing a 'Who am I' post. I got this idea from Lexie at What Lexie Loves, View her post here, Who got it from a blogger called Nabila. 

1. I am.. TargetGirl
2. I am.. 12 years old
3. I am.. A daughter
4. I am.. A sister
5. I am.. A step-sister
6. I am.. A step-daughter
7. I am.. A granddaughter
8. I am.. A niece/cousin
9. I am.. A Bookworm
10. I am.. A Student
11. I am.. A chocoholic
12. I am.. A dreamer
13. I am.. Not superstitious
14. I am.. A snowglobe collector
15. I am.. A twenty ∅ne pil∅ts fan
16. I am.. An avid Youtube watcher
17. I am.. A friend
18. I am.. A cat person 
19. I am.. A photographer
20. I am.. Someone who tries to do the right thing
21. I am.. A writer
22. I am.. Not photogenic
23. I am.. In Griffindor
24. I am.. Weird
25. I am.. Me

Unlike Lexie, I only have 25 reasons but you should click the link above to view her 50 reasons. 

Until next time,


  1. Great post! :D
    Have a wonderful day


  2. Wonderful post TargetGirl! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, your posts are awesome!

    xx Bubbles


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