Top things to include in a art journal - Guest post by Vivian!

Hey friends!

I’m Vivian from Day Dreamer, Night Thinker , and the lovely Targetgirl has invited me to do a guest post on her blog! 

So for this post Targetgirl asked me to do something art related, since that is one of the main caveats I focus on back at my blog. Today I just wanted to compile a little list to help those of you stuck in art block to get re-inspired to work in your journals. If you don't have an art journal and don't know what I'm talking about, check out my post about my own art journal. So without further ado, here are some things to put in your journal!

-magazine clippings
-pretty papers
-sketches of your friends
-doodles of flowers
-OC master pages
-teabag tags
-pressed flowers
-plans for the future

-ranting about your life
-blog ideas
-old tickets or wrappers
-landscape watercolours from trips
-other people art (for inspiration)
-try stitching in your sketchbook
-anything you desire

I hope that was helpful for those of you who want to expand your art journaling process! Thanks so much Targetgirl for inviting me to your blog-- drop her a comment friends!

Thank You, Vivian for this post! I hope to get some more posts off you in the future!!
x TG


  1. Looks great! Thanks for inviting me to post :)


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