Cramm Award #2

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What's up Targets?

So I was nominated again by Anael from Anael Suissa's Blog to do the Cramm Award, Created by Olivia from Your Rose Awaits.

If you have not heard or seen this award before then the rules are down below:

1. Mention the person who nominated you and add a link to their site.
2. Mention the person who created this award.
3. Share three people who inspire you to blog.
4. Answer your challenge question.
5. Nominate bloggers, let them know and set them a cool challenge question.

So, Like the last time I did this award, I said that the only person who really inspired my blogging is myself, I know that sounds really self centred but you don't blog unless YOU want to, You don't blog unless YOU have something to say/share to/with the world. 

Anael's challenge question was:
How far would you go to save your best friend? Pick one of these answers:
1. A mile.
2. To the ends of the earth.
3. Across the universe.

To be honest I would do anything to save my best friend unless it puts my family in danger, No matter what family must come first and I'm sure she would say the same thing.

My challenge question for my nominees, who are listed below, is:

 If you could have 3 wishes what would they be?

1. Bubbles from A tweens chitter chatter
2. Nandy from Nandy the Candy
3. Lexie from What Lexie Loves
4. Noor from A little bit of sunshine
5. Vivian from Daydreamer, Night Thinker

That's all for today,

PS I have just started a 2nd blog, The link is here: The Target Diaries


  1. I am SO excited to do this challenge since it's the 1st time I have been nominated! Also, the link to "The Target Diaries" doesn't work. Is it just me?


    1. Glad to be the first and Inam sure it wil not be the last. Hmmm the link doesn't work, I will fix that and put it in my next post. TG


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