Why you should (not) get a Red Panda for a pet

** Disclaimer ** This list is purely for enjoyment - It is illegal to own a Red Panda as they are an endangered species
We have all seen Red Pandas before right? 
If not they are these adorable little things here:
Isn't that just the cutest little thing EVER! (I think you can guess that my favourite animal is a Red Panda)

Okay well let's get right into the list of why you should have a Red Panda for a pet:

1. It does not take much to amuse a Red Panda - They will play with your mouldy pumpkin if needed
Image result for red panda playing with pumpkin

2. They love hugs - When you're feeling down then just cuddle him/her and she/he will cuddle you back!
3. They don't eat too much so are not expensive to look after - They can eat the old pumpkin after playin' with it

4. Like cats they clean themselves with their tongues - No grooming needed

Image result for red panda cleaning

5. They can wink! Cmon, How many pets intentionally wink at ya?
 Image result for red panda wink

6. Yoga is natural to Red Pandas so the could teach you a few key moves

Image result for Red panda stretching

7. Everyone wants an illegal pet! No jokes guys, Red Pandas are endangered and can not be had as pets. *Sigh*They are a lot more difficult to look after then they seem. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GRAB ONE FROM YOUR LOCAL ZOO - TOUCH WITH EYES!

That's all for now, Look out for my collab with Anael coming soon!

xo TG away from keyboard!


  1. Loved this post; you're absolutely right, they're so cute! I didn't know they could wink! We learn something new everyday people! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Thanks, I had a lot of fun writing/researching this!
      x TG

  2. So nice- I love pandas in general!!!


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