Photo Frenzy

-Not My Picture-
Hey Guys,
 TargetGirl is on the keyboard!!!

Today I'm just gonna show you guys some photos I took in 2017 and some in 2016. For some of them I will include a brief description but otherwise enjoy!

^ This is the cake from my sister's 10th Bday - It was DELISH

^ This one took ages to take cause the birds kept moving!

^ IceCream Lily!

^ This is like my favourite picture I have taken

^My beautiful cat in 2015 - Lookin a bit evil....

Please don't hold your fishing rod there Mr. Woody....

That's all for now, Hope you enjoyed.

TargetGirl Away from Keyboard

PS Comment below your favourite photo!


  1. Lovely photography! I love the cat :)

    1. Thanks, I always thought he looked a bit evil in that picture....


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