How to find the follow button...

What?!? TargetGirl is writing a TUTORIAL POST?!?!? Who are you and what have you done with TG!!! 

Relax, Yes this is a tutorial. Yes, I never write tutorials. Yes, It is about adding a follow button to your blogger blog.
The reason for this tutorial is because a lot of bloggers actually don't have a follow button and don't know how to get one - See All About That Cuteness By Dee or Ignoring the World by TheChosenIntrovert both of these bloggers are fairly new to blogger (Like me) and don't have a follow button which can boost your views and is pretty handy (Not like me)

I expect when you read this there will be a lot of cringes since this is my first tutorial but anyway let us get into it.

Step One - Settings
Once you log into blogger, (Which I assume you already have) click on the Layout button.

Once you click on Layout it will show you the layout of your page ie favicon, header navbar etc. 

Then scroll down a bit into you see a space that says Add Gadget
It doesn't matter which space you choose, You can move it later. 
If you click on Add Gadget it will take you to a popup box where you can scroll down some different gadgets to add to your blog. Soon you will get to the follower's gadget. When you add it will look like this in your layout:
And there we go! You have your follower button and I have my first tutorial!

xoxo TG
TargetGirl Away From Keyboard


  1. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment! I'm glad someone feels the same about the difficulty of being motivated to post. I like that your blog seems very earnest and genuine in sharing about your life, and I would love to read more in the future! Thks again :)

  2. The pleasure was all mine! Your blog looks FABULOUS and you are getting a follow from me!!!

    xoxo TG

  3. Cool blog! Check out mine, maybe? :-)

  4. Admitantly, it took me far longer to find the follow button than it probably should have. It's actually not the easiest gadget to fine- despite its popularity.

    Similar to you, only a handful of people in my 'real' world know that I exist in a whole other world- this world. It's better this way.


    1. Hey Steph,
      Sorry I took so long to reply, I thought I already did!!!
      It is better have Ng only the 'chosen' few knowing about your online life!!
      X TG


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