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Hey Guys!

A few weeks or so ago I published a post called 'On the Lookout' (Quick jump to it here!)  On te Lookout was based on bloggers who went unnoticed and most of them eventually gave up (probably) due to lack of attention.
In 'Bright Lights' I will be focusing on more 'Famous' bloggers. 

First we have one of the most famous bloggers of all time:
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Ok, Ok, So Zoella is more of a vlogger then a blogger now but hey? She is/was a pretty famous blogger. 
Zoella first started her blog in Febuary 2009 and has kept it going as well as her vlog channel, which started in 2011, but her Youtube channel is most popular. 

Now we get to bloggers who are famous in the community...

Welcome(Lexie's profile picture but doesn't belong to her)
Lexie is one of my favourite bloggers, Her blog is so inspiring and so sweet! She always sounds like the nicest person and I was ecstatic when she actually visited TargetGirl! Check her blog out here: What Lexie Loves

I haven't been reading Noor's blog 'A little bit of Sunshine' for very long but I can already tell that I am going to be reading her blog for a long time yet! Noor is such a funny character and I love how she can put her humour into her writing so well. Noor is celebrating her 3rd blog-a-versary so go check her out: A little bit of Sunshine

Like Noor, I haven't seen Vivian's blog for very long but am looking forwards to doing a blog binge! 


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog!! I am so honored :)


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