Welcome 2017, Goodbye 2016!

Welcome To 2017 Everyone!

As most of you should know, I am TargetGirl. Anonymous blogger, bookworm Yadda Yadee Ya. If you want to know more about my Yadee Yadda Ya then click on the little thing that says 'Profile' and learn about yours truly TargetGirl.

Enough of the intro lets get into it! 2017!!! New Year, New Start, Not new blog (I am not moving to W.P), New followers! Speaking of followers, 
Laura Hall, if you are reading this thanks for being my 5th follower!!!
Following my little gang:

  1. Jo Nisbet
  2. IndigoViolet Girl
  3. Mckayla Leak
  4. Briana Gibson
Enough publicity shoutouts lets get into the GOSS (Jokes, I have no goss)

Here are my New Years Resolutions for (TG)  2017:
  • Get 10 Followers
  • Become a better blogger
  • Get noticed out in the Big Wide World
Comment your own N.Y.R below, (Even though I get no comments :))

Goodbye 2016
TG xxx
PS I got on to Pottermore and Finally, I am a true Gryffindor!