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Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of posting but have been away for a lot of the holidays with no wifi!!! D:

As many of you will know, School has started! AAAH! I'm in my last year of intermediate/secondary (If you are from a different country and don't know what those are then Uncle Google is at your service) I am disappointed with my class, I don't know the teacher, I have no friends in it and lots of the people in it don't like me. I would love to be moved to a different class but that is not an option so I am going to make the best of it. 

Today I will actually be doing 2 posts, This one and a fashion type post with pictures that I took of various Children and Teen pieces that I thought were super funny, super cool or super cute! 

Sometime this week I will be posting about my holiday in my Nana's retirement village (More exciting than it sounds, Trust me) and one similar to 'On the Lookout', A post I did a few weeks ago Quick Jump to it here! 

What have you guys been doing these holidays? I would love to hear about them, Be as vague or detailed as you like!



  1. Just stumbled across your blog, & loving reading your posts. I'm in my last school year too! Hope things work out with your class xx

    1. Hi Beth,
      Thanks so much for commenting! I will definitly check out your blog ASAP, It may be for a while since I have loads of homework!

      Looking forward to it!
      xxx TG

  2. You may not have physical friends but you have virtual friends...which isn't ghe same thing, but could be...😳 Just stay true to yourself and you'll survive.😊 Now that you asked, I went away on a Eastern Caribbean Cruise for a week. Therefore, I understand being without WiFi. But the whole cruise experience made up for no WiFi.

    #sweetreats xxxx

    1. Thanks so much!!! The cruise would de make up for no wifi!!!


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