Quit or Stay?

I feel so so bad! It was days ago when I promised I would stop being the 'Procrastination Queen' and here I am doing it again! (Click HERE to read that post and catch up on the GOSS)

I think that a few weeks ago I had the blogging fever and now I may be losing it. I don't want to lose it, Believe me I still love blogging but I have nothing to blog about. Everything I type seems like a waste of words, No meaning or anything. Do you think I should make a solid topic to blog on? Like fashion or something? I really don't want to give it up but -Real Life Point- Tears welling up-No Jokes Maybe I could like a 'Tuesday Review or something? I think I will have each day I blog has a point unless something really important has happened. 

Mondays -  ???
Tuesdays- Booky-Wooky-Doodah Day? -Reviews
Wednesday- Word of the Week? Quote of the Day? 
Thursday- Food Stuff - Recipes, Reviews etc
Friday- Free Type
Saturday-  ???
Sunday- Monday Motivation\

Will decide on other ones at a later date if I decide to!

Love you guys so much!
TG xx