D.J Trump

Hey guys,

I would like to start off with something serious. D.J Trump has just become president. But Hilary has more votes now. WHAT DA FUDGE!!!! 
How does that work? Votes are still coming in but the president has been decided? If you google 'USA Election' You will see that it says Trump has won but Clinton has more votes?!?!?!?

Ok, Off the serious topic now!
 I have been having things lately and it is even happeing now. 
It like something inside me is going 'Wwww wa wa wa' And then I start doing things really fast and my breathing and heartbeat get really fast and all I can here is WA WA WA WA WA WA. It really scares me. I know you guys cant really get the tune of it but it's with me all the time. 
Please, I need help I can't deal with this as well as everything else.
It almost feels like my heartbeat will go so fast and then just stop.

Please help me in the comments below.

xxx TG
PS I know we didn't move off the serious topic, sorry!