Firstly I would like to start off by saying how sorry I am about my last few posts, D.J Trump. It was really unfair & childish to be saying those things. 
It was a democratic vote, If America want Trump then I shouldn't say anything about it. America should be glad to have a democratic system, Most countries wouldn't get a say into it, The democratic system is one of the few things that make the USA the land of the free. Yes, Trump may want to build a wall around Mexico. While I believe that is unfair we should not judge him because of that. 
We all have opinions, we don't have to like all opinions but we can't label people because of them. If you hated or disliked everyone who said something wrong, unjust or mean then you would end up hating the whole world. 

So I really did not mean the things I said about Trumo in my previous posts.
It is no longer true for me. But I will not delete them, for 1. I have just written this 2. It shows my change of judgement.

Also, I promise you next time I will be my usual bouncy self!
xxx TG