Top 15 things to ask Siri

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I know, this is my 3rd post of the day sort of night for me, I've had a sad post, a mad and now a funny Top 10 post!!! 
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My name is TargetGirl, I am an anoymous blogger who is trying to get big, I need 10 followers by the end of the year, I love Gryfindor but J.K Rowling keeps torturing me, See my latest post "What, No, Never" for more info.
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Top 10 things to ask Siri:
#1 Why are firetrucks red?
#2 Can I borrow some money?
#3 I am your father
#4 Okay Glass
#5 Mirror Mirror on the wall whos the fairest of them all?
#6 Beatbox
#7 Sing for me
#8 Do you like Pokemon Go?
#9 What does the fox say?
#10 Where is Elvis Presley?
#11 Im drunk
#12 What does Siri mean?
#13 Does Santa exist?
#14 Whats the best computer
#15 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

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