Hey Guys,

I have just signed up to Pottermore!!! If you have read my post 'What, No, Never' then you will know that I was horrified to be put in....
H U F F L E P U F F ! ! ! Well, that was a PHONY website!!!
As you can see above I am on the legit Pottermore where I am sorted by Mrs. Rowling herself. 
In the picture above you can see that my Patronus is a dragonfly and my  house is.... GRYFFINDOR!!! TAKE THAT HUFFLEPUFF!!!! HA HA HA H AHA HA HA!!

Here is a link to Pottermore below:
Comment what you got!!! Put that mouse here for Pottermore!!!

Now that my victory is out of the way I can start with my confusion.

I have recently become friends with Madison and Roxy outcast Zharina.
We have become almost like BFFs, joined together with our hurt from Mad and Roxy. It gave me the courage to ask her.
"Why?" She apologized. She said that she was really sorry and hopes I can forgive her and be her friend in the future. That she knows what she did was wrong and she didn't know why.
I am going to forgive. Read me right thou, I may not be her best friend or even her friend but I am going to forgive her. Because otherwise, I am just as bad as her. Like my favourite poet Oscar Wilde once said:
I will take his advice. Well, maybe not the last part.

Always be WILDE at heart,
TG xxx