Because I'm Happy...

Hey Guys,

First of all I would like to give a shoutout to Mckayla Leak for being our 3rd follower of TargetGirl!!! #thehappynow When I logged on and saw her ladybird picture #thatsdarling I was so excited! Mckayla, If your reading this then thank you so much for being number 3 of our followers and I love your picture!!! 
Also another shoutout to Jo Nisbet & IndigoViolet Girl for being our 1st/2nd followers! 

7 more till we reach our goal so come on! FOLLOW ME and COMMENT! 

I am just so thankful. A few weeks ago I had no followers and now I have 3.
Thank you all so so much! I know that more then 7 view my blog whether it is by accident or not so please if that is you then just click the follow me button!!! 

Thank you ALL so much! 

xxx TG