The Phantom Cat

Hello Everyone,
There is a Phantom Cat haunting our house!!! 
This morning Darkie, (Our Black Fluffy Cat who never runs) suddenly bolted across the garden. 
Echo, is suddenly afraid of our red plates which he eats off. (If he isn't on hunger strike) When there is food he will eat, he bats it off the plate and drags it to the middle of the kitchen! 

Since he has been eating Echo has earned himself a few more days before death. Mum says that as soon as he goes downhill its 'Night Night'.

At 5 today I will be taken by Hannah's friend Taylor to Guide Camp.
One of my sort of friends from my class, Leila will be there.
I can't wait.
Even thou I have to miss out on Dave's (My step-dad) Uncle Sam Cruttenden AKA Crut. Hannah is making an enormous cake with B-Day Muffins too!
She may only be 9 but she sure knows how to bake! She said she will save me 1 but I don't believe her!

My friend Skylar is reading over my shoulder! So I need to be careful what I say...

More later,