The Contest


I'm staying home once again today. Natalia is sick so she is staying off school too and she is the only thing I really look forward to at school. Mum is writing an email to my teacher Mrs Watson and maybe Mr.Martin. 
Yes, I have two teachers Mr. Martin takes us for maths and Mrs. Watson for everything else. Anyway, yesterday I overheard *'Skylar' telling Roxy that I was just so boring now. :( That really made me sad. 

Austin just replied to my hangout :( he said false :( Oh well. Worth a shot.

**Zinx_the_lynx is typing.
Zinx_the_lynx: false sry. 
CassieGirl is typing.
CassieGirl: its fine. Was just wndering. idc
Zinx_the_lynx and CassieGirl are typing
Zinx_the_lynx: K then. Gtg
CassieGirl: No sweat. Rly

Zinx_the_lynx is offline your messages will be seen later.

It would have been good if he did but hey, this world ain't perfect, if you excuse my grammar. I do have a another friendish person at school who is in the class next to me. Her name is Steph and she likes saying '
"Ain't nobody got time for dat" apparently a quote from a youtuber. 

I'm lieing in bed now, eating Kumara Chips trying to think of something to blog about that I can make my title on. Not boys, already got 2 posts on that. Not enough on besties. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I know, My new blog!!! I have just created my TargetGirl on Holiday blog, I am still looking for names too call it, there will be a prize for the winner.
Please email or comment What you think the name will be and why.
I have just named this post 'The Contest'.
The winner will get a prize and a shoutout on both blogs and if they wish to keep their identity a secret then just email me what you would like your anonymous name to be.

I hope to get entries soon!!!

Best of luck,
TG x

*She told me to use Skylar when I write about her but she will always be Mean-Madison, See the Confession for more
**Zinx is the nickname I created for Austin.