Guide Drama

Hi Everyone,
I'm back from Girl Guide Camp! 
The 48hours we were there felt like a lot longer!

When I left I had decided I wouldn't write about camp, not that exciting.
But it was...

Ok, So we were camping in the Scout Hall with some Scout Leaders. 
(So exciting right?)
Some girls had to sleep in tents as part of there Off to Camp badge.
My friend Leila, She had to sleep in a tent. She brought this Lavender Oil that she can't sleep without. The Scout Leaders Bee and Pukeko, (No harm in telling you their real Scout names), found it in her tent! 
Bee completely blew up at Lei, Like a bubbling volcano! They said that they has said, 'No liquids in the tents' which they hadn't, Leila was in tears and Bee said
'Oh suck it up buttercup' then Rachel, (Our main guide leader) said "I am allergic to Lavender' making it completely worse as Pukeko lectured about could have made Rachel have a allergic reaction, going to hospital, where would we be etc. 
For the rest of camp they were always picking on her to do the jobs and they made her stand outside in the pouring rain and mud for 10 minutes to think about what she had done!!!
If you live around the East Coast in New Zealand (Being vague because I can't tell you where I am) you will know what the rain was like this weekend!!!

So, I was thinking, Next Year we are going to America for 2 weeks, maybe I should start a new blog for that, TargetGirl-On Holiday?
Comment below or email me if you think I should or come up with a name for me to name it.

Well thats all for now,