Besties, Boys and more....


I am so sorry that I have not blogged for days. 
On Friday I was doing an adventure race with my ultimate bestie Natalia, more on her swagness soon and Hannah.
We sadly did not win :( but it was really fun.

I have some more boy news...
Again if you are not interested in this stuff then skip to the next paragraph.
So, as you know I have told my crush Austin that I liked him over an online chat hangouts, (I have a TargetGirl account if you want to add me) and have been avoiding him ever since. Well Natalia (My BFF) talked some sense into and dared me too talk to him at the Adventure Race, he had a team in it too, 
I did.  But I also saw my other crush Timmy/Timothy/BugBoy. 
We met a few years ago camping at my fvourite site and have always been there at the same time. I think he may have a crush on me too as last time he had a big '*Posse' of girls hanging around him and they told me that they thought he liked me and were jealous cause mot of them liked him. 
So while we were waiting to start I was just looking between both of them!!!
Also Hannah told me that her friend Lucy McCarthy older sister Maria, My Ex Bestie, more on that next, had told her that Daniel, her and Austin's friend had told her that Austin told him that he liked me!!!! If you didn't get that then here it is simpler below:

Austin told Daniel told Maria told Lucy told Hannah told Me and soon I will tell Austin.  There just told Austin this is what I said but anonified.

Hannah told me that Lucy told her that Maria 
 told her that Daniel told her that you liked 
me??? True or False????
Just wondering...... 


Alright enough on boys, now for besties!!!!
Ok. So I know I told you that I had no friends at school. I have one.
Natalia Brenton. She is my neighbour. I didn't tell you about her at the time because she is not in my class. I am not miserable at Morning Tea or Lunch, just in class. Nat is the best friend I could ever had. I think I would die at school without her. She is sarcastic, witty, kind, funny and a sore loser and winner!!!
But that is just how I like her. I could list all her qualities but I can't too long of a list. 

I also said I would tell you about Maria McCarthy. When I first moved here I was in Year 2. Maria moved here the day after. We were unbreakable. 
Until Year 4 when we were in the same class as Daniel Sims. 
I have no idea why but he hated and still hates me. 
He introduced her too Austin, Adie and Anchul. 
In Year 5, she chose Daniel over me. We drifted apart. Daniel wedging me away from her. I was unpopular bookworm Cass and he was the popular, sporty, perfect Daniel. When we went to Year 6 camp I thought it would be my chance to gain back my best friend. I was wrong. She stuck with Daniel. I was thrilled when we were dormed together, Girls are supposed to do skits with girls and likewise for boys, I thought it was my chance to push Dan out of my way to Maria, not shut him out but let me get through. Then Dan asked if M and a few other girls could join their skit group. 
Because it was Daniel Sims my teacher said yes. 
In a way that camp was also amazing, That night we went on the night walk, Austin asked to be my partner, I was thrilled but still...
I would have rather had her.

On Friday was also the worst day of the year.
Cross Country.
I did come 68th out of 141 Year 7 girls thou.

Well I better stop writing otherwise this post will just go on.



  1. Oh! We are so similar (I have two crushes too, but I can't mention names, in case they happen to go on this website!).


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