AJ Addiction cont #2

Bola Everyone,
This post is taking so long to write,
Yesterday I had to go to bed and today I tried at school in the mornign  morning but the bell rang so here I am!!! 
This post is all about Animal Jam, I am totes addicted to it!!! 
My user is Indigo533.
I ended my last post with my love for Aparri, the best AJ youtuber ever!!!
For those AJ players you know how hard it is to get diamonds right? 
He has 174 at the moment!!! AJHQ loves him so he gets triple diamond almost everytime and you can type his name in it, they are so restricted with words so it is proof that they <3 him. He has like 20 million gazzilion spikes and all he does with them is give them out to his fans! I am listening to one of his videos now, I will link it below, Right Here People Aparri's DO THIS when you rbored on AJ vid More great AJ youtubers are SnowyClaw, Bepper and Skorm! 
Bepper is Aparri's sister. 
Ok that's enough for now, I need to do some serious *A-Jamming
*A-Jamming is my way of saying Animal Jamming